5 Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs (Our Favorite Tip is #4)

live bed bugs found in bed

Be proactive and prevent bed bugs from entering your home with these simple tips

A bed bug infestation can be difficult, messy, and expensive. They present a major problem for households in Northern California and can get into your home by traveling on clothing, luggage, boxes, furniture, bedding, and more.

Exterminating a minor infestation right away can save you from future costly treatment. Our pest experts are available for any pest problem you may be experiencing. Call (707) 988-5780 now.

5 Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Even the most careful homeowners can experience a pest problem; if you do, act quickly.

1. Learn to Identify Bed Bugs

Signs of a bed bug infestation can include:

  • Rusty stains on your bedding caused by bed bugs being squashed
  • Tiny white eggs or eggshells
  • Small, yellowish-white skins they shed

Their bites are typically small, red marks that appear in rows. And if you spot one, they are generally reddish-brown, flat, the size of an apple seed, ¼ inch in length with six legs and antennae.

2. Reduce Clutter

A great way to prevent most pest problems is to reduce the number of hiding spaces. We recommend avoiding storing items under the bed and storing anything you are not using in plastic containers.

3. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming can get rid of some bed bugs if they are present. Be sure to vacuum:

  • Rugs
  • Carpet
  • Floors
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Bed Frames
  • Mattresses
  • Box Springs
  • Under beds
  • Around bed legs
  • And around cracks and crevices

Bed bugs are excellent at hiding, and vacuuming these areas can eliminate a bed bug problem before it gets out of control. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed trash bag inside an outdoor garbage can.

4. Protect Your Mattress

Use a protective cover for your mattress and box springs to reduce the potential hiding spots for bed bugs. Plain, light-colored mattress covers can make it easier to spot bedbugs. Look for covers pretreated with pesticides for additional protection.

5. Beware of Bed Bugs When Traveling

When traveling, you risk taking home bed bugs from hotel rooms. Avoid this by:

  • Immediately looking for signs of a bed bug infestation
  • Placing luggage on a table or chair instead of on the floor
  • Washing and drying all items on the highest heat setting when returning home

If you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation, call your local pest control company We Care Pest Solutions at (707) 988-5780 and we’ll get rod of them for you.

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