What Pests Require Commercial Pest Control?

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Every building, whether it’s a home or a business, eventually has to deal with pests. To combat the presence of pests, there are many accessible pest control solutions available that allow building occupants to deal with pests on their own. That being said, however, some pests require the professional attention of commercial pest control services to deal with.

We Care Pest Solutions can help you learn about the types of animals that only commercial pest control services can safely remove from your premises.


Rodents can seriously harm property, and their presence might result in several chronic illnesses. Rats are a carrier of several diseases, including salmonella, tularemia, and bubonic plague viruses. These pets can cause serious property damage. Rats can chew through anything they see fit, whether it’s books, clothes, wooden furniture, or wiring. They also spread their urine and feces and multiply rapidly. 

If you see more than one rat or spot things like chewed possessions, rat feces, and ruined food, it’s time to call commercial pest control services. Rodent pest control services aid in the capture or management of these rodents, protecting your household from the infections that they transmit.


Wasps are harmful because they are aggressive, possessive, and prone to attack. They can sting multiple times, unlike bees, and will attack if someone or something tries to enter their nest to keep them out. Wasp stings cause swelling, itching, and potential hives.

Wasps will start to build massive, sophisticated nests anywhere they can. You can find their hives in rafters, beneath window and door frames, under railings, or in trees. These nests will be heavily protected and are best left to professionals.

It is challenging to get rid of wasps once they start nesting in your yard or on your property. You put yourself at risk for an attack if you make an attempt to eliminate wasps from your property. Call commercial pest control experts instead.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, round, insects that can do serious damage to you and your bed. You can also find bedbugs in beds, cracks, and other crevices around your home. They can trigger allergic reactions and enjoy feasting on human blood. Bed bugs spread illnesses like Ecthyma and Lymphangitis and can cause severe itching.

You can spot bedbugs by the rust-colored spots they leave on mattresses and bedding, often accompanied by a “musty” odor that comes from their scent glands. If you spot any red, clustered and circular bites on your skin, those are most likely from bed bugs

Commercial pest control services can do a deep cleaning of your home and rid you of bed bugs.


Even though termites are small, they can significantly damage your home. Many severe diseases, including typhus, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and polio, are known to be carried by termites. Asthma and other respiratory conditions are also brought on by termite feces. They cause damage to the integrity of your property by chewing through beams, floors, and other wooden supporting structures.  Termite removal services can rid you of these threats immediately. 

We Care Pest Solutions: Reliable Commercial Pest Control Services

We Care Pest Solutions provides expert commercial pest control services that deal with the expert removal of pests that pose risks to your health and property. Contact us today for your pest control needs!

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