5 Signs of Termite Damage for Bay Area Homes

signs of exterior damage from termites
signs of exterior damage from termites

Top 5 Signs of Termite Damage

We can easily agree that termites are a major threat to any home or business in Northern California.

Often, the first signs of termite damage are subtle and can be easily mistaken for other issues. But seeing those signs may mean the difference between a minor and easily handled infestation or a major infestation requiring major repairs once resolved.

Below are some of the most common signs of termite damage found inside and around your home.

crumbling damaged wood from termites

Crumbling or Damaged Wood

We’ve all seen it before, and when the wood starts to look this bad, it means that you might have major termite issues.

If wood falls apart when you touch or handle it, that’s another sign that you have damage from a termite infestation.

piles of termite wings

Piles of Termite Wings

If you start to see what looks like piles of fish scales on your carpet or in the corner of the garage, you might want to have your place checked for termites by local termite experts.

Those “fish scales” are discarded termite wings, which are shed when they grow.

mud tubes climbing the walls from termites

Mud Tubes Climbing the Walls

When termites want to get from one place to another, they build mud tubes to protect themselves from harm.

If you start to see mud tubes climbing your walls, it means that termites are looking for new sources of food.

piles of dust from termites

Piles of Dust, Like Salt & Pepper

Like anything that eats, termites leave droppings, and those droppings accumulate in piles that resemble salt and pepper.

The bigger the piles, the more the termites are eating.

damaged wood panels

Damage to Paint or Sheetrock

When termites attack, they will damage your walls and sheetrock, causing voids or hollows to form.

These will start to appear like peeling paint, damaged sheetrock, or something similar.

Your Solution for Termite Damage

If you see any of these signs of termite damage, contact We Care Pest Solutions right away.

With nearly thirty years of experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, we understand how local pests such as termites work and can help ensure that your property is free of problems.

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