5 Signs You Need Professional Pest Control Services

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Pests bring on a variety of issues like property damage and health problems that include allergic reactions, skin, and respiratory conditions. It’s crucial to keep pests out of your home and to deal with any pest issues you may have.  Although there are many DIY pest control solutions, there are a few signs indicating it’s time for professional pest control services.

We Care Pest Solutions can help you spot 5 crucial signs of a dangerous pest infestation.

1. Droppings

Look around your property quickly for any signs of droppings. These are one of the most typical signs that you have an infestation.

Make sure to inspect potential hiding areas for pest droppings. These include areas under your bed, behind your furniture, and any tight cracks and crevices. 

The droppings you spot will help identify the sort of pest infestation you have. Conical droppings, for instance, are a sign of a rodent issue. Cockroach droppings look like coffee grounds, while bed bugs leave behind red, circular droppings. Call pest control services as soon as you notice droppings throughout your house from pests. Otherwise, your problem can progressively worsen.

2. Odors

Have you been smelling something musty or foul in your home? Your home may have a pest problem. Pests can leave urine and droppings all over your house. They frequently take food with them, leaving behind tiny fragments and crumbs, so you might also detect the odor of expired or decaying food. Rat urine is also known to have an ammonia-like smell, so look out for any strange odors you suddenly find in your house. 

3. Strange Sounds

Have you recently been hearing strange noises in your walls and floorboards, especially at night? This might be a sign that you have an infestation problem.

Whining, scratching, squeaking, and scuttling are a few of the sounds to listen out for. These noises are a sign that pests are rummaging through your house looking for food. Even a subtle tapping sound coming from behind your walls could indicate the presence of termites.

4. Damaged Property

To check for signs of an infestation, look for chewed and damaged items in your home. Some food packets may be torn up, wooden furniture may be scratched and bitten, and you may notice your wooden walls becoming hollow. Property damage can be caused by any number of pests, so it’s best to call pest control services as soon as you notice these signs. 

5. Ineffective DIY Solutions

Rat traps, bug spray, and bug catchers are easy DIY pest control alternatives. They are effective at dealing with pests, but they can quickly fail in the event of a full-blown infestation. If your attempts at dealing with pests have been ineffective, it’s time to call professional pest control services.

We Care Pest Solutions: Reliable Commercial Pest Control Services

We Care Pest Solutions provides expert pest control services that deal with the expert removal of pests that pose risks to your health and property.  Contact us today for your pest control needs! We offer professional pest control services like termite removal, rodent control, and bed bug removal.

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