The Latest Technology in Pest Control


3 Ways We Provide Advanced Pest Control Technology

The health and protection of your environment begins with proper pest control solutions. As leaders in the industry, our team at We Care Pest Solutions strives to provide our Bay Area customers with the most innovative pest control technologies and products. We utilize the latest treatment and monitoring techniques to provide personalized pest control solutions while minimizing our environmental impact.

Whatever pest control service you need, our specialists are equipped to prevent infestations and manage pests efficiently. Read on to learn how we utilize the latest pest control technology to provide personalized service to our Bay Area customers.

1. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Digital Reporting

At We Care Pest Solutions, our residential and commercial Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies are guided by analysis and reporting. With our advanced pest control methods, we can provide digital reports of pest activity on your property as well as documented results of our management solutions.

We document every detail of our IPM strategy and provide services to allow you to easily review our work. Our highly-trained technicians can provide you with detailed reports of our personalized services including:

  • The date and time of service
  • Materials and techniques used
  • High-risk areas of infestations
  • Recommended IPM strategies
  • On-going pest activity monitoring
  • And much more

2. Online Customer Portal and Communication Tools

We are dedicated to providing all our customers with the highest quality service. With our PestPac Customer Connect portal you will have around-the-clock access to your account.

With our easy to use customer portal you can:

  • See recent and upcoming service appointments
  • View your account statement, make payments, and update billing information
  • Review our detailed digital reporting of your personalized pest management program
  • Communicate directly with your pest technician
  • Schedule services
  • And much more

3. Drain Line Injection System

Commercial kitchens and other food production and manufacturing industries can quickly accumulate a build-up or decaying organic matter in drain lines. These spaces not only produce a foul smell of rot, but also act as an ideal food resource and breeding habitat for small pests such as flies, cockroaches, and ants.

We Care Pest Solutions provides advanced Bioremediation services to commercial food businesses through the Bay Area to stop these sanitation problems at the source. Our Power Dose Injection System is an automated solution that reduces build-up in drain lines. The battery-operated dispenser delivers automatic dissolvent treatments that break down organic blockages and maximize sanitation.

Learn More About Our Advanced Pest Control

With personalized care, and advanced technology, our experts at We Care Pest Solutions can create a pest control plan specific to your needs.

To learn how our advanced pest control technology could benefit you, contact us today.

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